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Bioinformatics Applications for microorganisms analyses

The bioinformatics Applications for microorganisms analyses project is focused on performing computational analysis of mutations of hepatitis C virus (HCV) associated with resistance to direct-acting antiviral (DAA). Chronic HCV infection remains a serious public health problem worldwide, affecting 200 million people and causing about 10,000 deaths annually. It is therefore important to determine the variability of the HCV NS3, NS5A and NS5B genes, target of DAA, to determine their potential impact on new DAA therapy in patients infected with HCV, to prevent potential therapeutic failures and to optimize future treatment regimens choosing the most appropriate for each patient DAA.

Solutions for the context of model driven engineering

Through the creation of metamodels and model to model and model-to-text transformations, it is desireble to create software projects almost automatically, from the creation of a single conceptual model.

Mobile applications in business contexts

By creating mobile business applications, specific business solutions are created and contribute to the generation of enterprises